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Small Changes. Exceptional Results.


How are the Cultura Gardening tools different from others:

  1. Healthier and better blooming

  2. Supports soil quality

  3. Growth enhancement at every stage

  4. No power required

  5. A first in the market

  6. Sustainable, safe & earth friendly

  7. A simple plug-and-play solution

  8. Non-disruptive to your garden setup

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Cultura Treatment Diagram

Here is an illustrated view of Cultura’s treatment process for our products. 

The Ceramic-Alloy coating on the Cultura products is produced through our proprietary process built on 24 years of research and development.

A naturally occurring wave frequency in the spectrum of Far-Infrared and Terahertz is emitted through the layer of nanopores on the Ceramic-Alloy coating.

This wave frequency has been shown to rearrange the molecular structure of water for easy absorption and affects seeds to improve plant growth.

Cultura-Built to grow through every season.

The Cultura products are coated with our proprietary Ceramic-Alloy technology that was built from 24 years of deep tech research & development.


What are its applications?


Research & Discovery

In 2021, JAH Cultura engaged Republic Polytechnic's Agriculture Technology laboratory in Singapore to test and verify previously observed effects of Cultura’s products in agriculture. ​ 

Feasibility studies of the effects of Cultura's treatment of Bok Choy seeds showed an increase of 21.42% in yield, and Bok Choy plants growing with treated water showed an increased yield of 18.5% under laboratory conditions.
*Treated Germination-Normal Growth **Normal Germination-Treated Growth 

The Cultura Gardening Pack helps with great plant health & yield in 3 simple steps:



Treatment of seeds to enhance growth potential.





Enhancement of water used for the growing of produce.
*Spray bottle excluded





Embed peg into the soil to provide Cultura’s field presence to crop’s growth.

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Testimonials & Events

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