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We are pleased to announce of our recent successful campaign on Kickstarter. 

A BIG THANK YOU to all our supporters!

Our Environment. Our Food Supply.

Bringing modern innovation to age-old human inventions, we aim to improve the environment and efficiency of our food supply.

Climate instability increasingly threatens agricultural and aquaculture yields. An anticipated increase in population and dietary changes will lead to an increase in global food demand.

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A Better Harvest. A Better Tomorrow.

Improve Carbon Footprints

Having locally cultivated foods creates significant economic opportunities, healthier benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact, such as cutting down on food miles and helping in greenhouse emissions, thus improving carbon footprints.

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"From my observation, there was an obvious yield and growth speed in plants with seeds treated using JAH Cultura'e technology."

Kevin Chua (Farm Manager @ FarmerNick)

Tests conducted on the growth of Bok Choy showed positive effects in an increase yield of approximately 21.42% using seeds treated with JAH Cultura's technology

Republic Polytechnic's Agriculture Technology Laboratory

Thank you!

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